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Strengthening Families Together

This 6-session national education program for family members and friends of individuals living with and recovering from serious mental illnesses aims to increase accessibility to Canadian-based information on the topics associated with living daily with a mental illness. The program is about more than education; it is about strengthening family members and friends of individuals with a serious mental illness by providing support, awareness, and tools.

Support > Families have an opportunity to discuss the daily challenges they face and learn how to connect with others through their local schizophrenia provincial society.

Awareness > Families get reliable and consistent information about mental illness, causes, treatment options, recovery, and available mental health services, in the hopes of diminishing the stigma attached to diagnosis.

The Program Outline

  • Session 1 > Introduction to Mental Illness & the Strengthening Families Program and Facts about Psychosis (Causes & treatments)
  • Session 2 > Coping as a Family and Self Care
  • Session 3 > Communication
  • Session 4 > Living with Psychosis
  • Session 5 > Recovery
  • Session 6 > Advocacy and the Mental Health system

Adapted from the Schizophrenia Society of Canada Program

Location: Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, 100-4 Fort Street, Winnipeg, MB

Please call for more information or to register at 204-786-1616.

Strengthening Families Together is offered twice a year.
Family consultations available upon request.

Strengthening Families Together: Program Outline

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