Programs and Services

As a consumer focused, family sensitive mental health self-help organization we are dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and co-occurring disorders through education, peer support and advocacy. We offer a number of services in Winnipeg and in 11 of the 12 regions of the province by an Outreach Worker in each region.

MSS Outreach Workers in each region are knowledgeable in mental health community resources, peer counselling, family support and crisis intervention in 11 of the 12 regions of the province.

Contact the MSS Outreach Worker in your region of Manitoba for information regarding any of the following Programs and Services offered throughout the province:

Public presentations on schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, psychosis, mental health and recovery to groups of all sizes

Peer support for consumers

Peer support for families and friends

Workshops on subjects like: "Hearing Voices That Are Distressing", "Name That Feeling", "Strengthening Families Together", and "Eight Stages of Healing"

Consultation and referral services

For Adults

One-on-One Consultation

Peer Support Group

Peer Support Group at the Access Centre in Fort Garry

Women's Support Group

Peer Support for Teens and Young Adults

Peer Support for Working or Career Professionals

Hospital Outreach

Voice Hearers Support Program

For Children

Name That Feeling

For Families and Friends

One-on-One Consultation

Family Support Group

Strengthening Families Together

Eight Stages of Healing

Newly Diagnosed

Public Education

Presentations: All About Schizophrenia

Simulated Experience of Hearing Voices That Are Distressing

Workshop for First Responders

Drama Presentation

"One in Five"



For a printable comprehensive listing of MSS Supports and Services, click here.